My name is Willian Berwanger,
and I'm a Product Designer at Huge.

Gremista e Colorado ZH

This is a beauty. We combined our great news coverage for the two biggest and most passionate football teams on south Brazil, to give our users the best experience on reading news - beside being able to follow live matches, with a lot of interactivities.

With Luciano Pouzada and Vicente Bortolini


And If everytime you open your news app, it shows you what is the most important things for you to know right now? Or even the things that you most like or have missed? We tried to make an intuitive product, focused on one topic at a time.

With Luciano Pouzada

Clube do Assinante

"Clube do Assinante" is a big Advantage Group for costumers from Grupo RBS's products. This is a little redesign we’ve made late in 2015, focused to make a better user experience for a project with low budget and a lot of restrictions.

With Thomaz Cardoso and Luciano Pouzada


Live in a big condo or community becomes more easy, when everybody can schedule things, contribute to meetings, talk to each other, find common services and solve most of their problems remotely.


Thanks for stopping by and see a little of my carreer.
Feel free to send me a message anytime at wberwanger@gmail.com

Huge thanks to my friend Giba for helping me out on building this thing.