CVC is the biggest travel agency in Brazil. More than 80% of it's customers uses Android.

We took their most frequent destination, Orlando, and mapped out all the touch points on the user journey.

And the app work this way: Once the client buys the trip on a store, the app unlocks a view of the upcoming trip.

All the information are reunited here, in this big timeline:

Flights, hotels, transfers and everything else.

It only took us 5 weeks to do it, and you can see it published here.

Nasser Said, Design Lead

José Gasparian, Designer

Willian Berwanger, Designer

Carolina Alves, UX Lead

Renato Mendes, Sr. Product Strategist

Julia Albuquerque, UX Intern

Laura Brentano, Project Manager



2017, HUGE Brazil.

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